Dr. Ikuo Ishimura

Jujodai, Kita City, Tokyo 114-0033, Japan


I am an associate professor in Tokyo Seitoku University and working as a clinical psychologist in a psychiatric clinic in Japan. I have got a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in University of Tsukuba and also completed postgraduate certificate in Compassion Focused Therapy in University of Derby in 2018.
I have also translated Dr. Mary Welford’s book and Dr. Deborah Lee’s book into Japanese to introduce CFT widely to Japanese clinical psychogists. I am a manager of coordinating and holding CFT training workshops in Japan every year such as Dr. Chirs Irons in 2016, Dr. Mary Welford in 2017, Dr Deborah Lee in 2018, Dr Paul Gilbert and Dr. James Kirby in 2019, and Dr. Russell Kolts in 2020.

Therapist information



Licensed Psychologist, Certified Clinical Psychologist, Guidance Health Psychologist

I have started Dr. Paul Gilbert’s introductory workshop in Denmark since 2014 and attended a variety of CFT training workshops every year. I have invited Dr. Chris Irons, Dr. Mary Welford, Dr. Deborah Lee, Dr. Paul Gilbert and Dr. James Kirby to Japan since 2016. I have also completed postgraduate certificate of Compassion Focused Therapy and received supervision from Dr. Dennis Tirch and Dr. Paul Gilbert.