Sara Clarke

Christchurch 8061, Canterbury, New Zealand

I have worked as a counsellor, supervisor and counsellor trainer for over 35 years and am BACP accredited. I have trained in a wide range of therapeutic modalities, although CFT is now my therapeutic ‘home’ as it resonates strongly with my personal and professional beliefs and values. I have worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in many different agencies, as well as independently. I really enjoy the flexibility, creativity and playfulness which is such a vital part of the CFT and CMT ‘mahi’.

Therapist information


MSc in Counselling and Research Methodology

BACP membership number 576444

Individuals, Couples, Groups

I have undertaken courses on an Introduction to CFT; Advanced CFT Skills and Complex cases in CFT as well the Compassionate Mind Training facilitators training and other CFT related workshops. Trainers I have worked with include Paul Gilbert, Chris Irons, Shelley Kerr, Andrew Rayner, Charlie Herriot-Maitland, Kate Lucre and Dennis Tirch. Charlie Herriot-Maitland was my training supervisor for the CMT training, and I have undertaken regular CFT casework supervision with Tiegan Holtham, the Compassionate Mind Australia monthly supervision group and the Compassion Aotearoa/NZ group.