Helen Correia

Murdoch WA 6150, Australia

I am a clinical psychologist and academic with a keen interest in compassionate oriented approaches to interventions for individuals, groups and communities. I have worked across a range of settings with diverse populations using compassion focused therapy and compassionate mind training approaches in clinical interventions, education, training, and supervision. I am particularly interested in applying compassion-based approaches, and CFT in particular, in cultivating compassionate relationships and environments such as working with carers and loved ones, communities, and organisations.

Therapist information


Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD

AHPRA (Psychology Board of Australia)

I have engaged in regular CFT training over the past 5 years including - Paul Gilbert: Introduction + Advanced + Complex Cases; as well as CFT for working with shame and self criticism (Chris Irons); Compassion Focused ACT; CFT for Voice Hearing, CFT for Eating and Body-Image Concerns, and CFT for Complex PTSD (Deborah Lee). I engage in regular supervision and participate in experiential reflective self practice, which has included engaging in a CFT Self Practice/Self Reflection Program. I also support a local peer interest group.