Michelle Rayner


Pablo Carrasco Descalzo

c/ Pintor Vilar 1, J-20, 46010, Valencia, España.

Groups, Online

In 2015 Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy. Dr. Paul Gilbert In 2016 Advanced Skills in Compassion Focused Therapy. Dr. Paul Gilbert. In 2023 Advanced Clinical Skills in Compassion Focused Therapy. Dr. Andrew Rayner. Taking the Fundamentals of Currently Clinical Supervision in Compassion Focused Therapy course. Currently supervising a group of professionals through the Compassionate Mind Spain Association.

I began my training in Compassion Focus Therapy in 2015 with Dr. Paul Gilbert. In 2016 I took the advanced course. Since then I have been including the foundations of CFT in my own personal and professional practice as a psychologist, supporting it with the reading of manuals and scientific articles.

In 2022 I began to collaborate in the Compassionate Mind Spain Association and I am currently part of the association’s board of directors and the teaching team.

Dr. Katie Baird

Clifton House, Fitzwilliam St. Lwr., Dublin 2, Ireland D02XT91

Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Online, In Person

I have completed the CMF pathway of Introduction, Advanced, and Retreat workshops. I have also attended additional training with Prof Paul Gilbert and Drs. Chris Irons, Deborah Lee, Charlie Heriot-Maitland, Kate Lucre, Russell Kolts, Neil Clapton, and Syd Hiskey as well as Deirdre Fay. I am a regular delegate at the annual CMF conference and a member of the CFT and the Body Special Interest Group. I feel very privileged to belong to such an amazing community of people. I completed formal supervisor training as part of my doctorate. This involved reviewing taped individual supervision sessions with my supervisor, and co-facilitating supervision groups with her. There was also a theory / coursework component of this training. I am registered to begin the CMF supervisor training pathway this year. I attend monthly supervision with Dr. Neil Clapton. I have over 30 years experience working in the area of psychology and mental health. Earlier in my career I worked mainly with children and adolescents, and worked in an outpatient service for children who had experienced sexual abuse. My work now is with adults.

Katie is the founder of the Irish Centre for Compassion Focused Therapy, which she started in 2017 as a way to increase access to CFT for people in Ireland. Katie’s main clinical work involves using CFT with individuals. She also provides individual and group supervision.
Katie has been learning about and providing CFT since 2013. She tries to live the model as well as using it in her clinical work. Katie has participated in training with the Compassionate Mind Foundation, published research on CFT outcomes and processes, and received supervision from members of the CFT community. She welcomes queries from people looking for CFT specific supervision.

Lena Højgård Isager

Østrevej 32, 8210 Århus V. Denmark

Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Online, In Person

My first workshop with Paul Gilbert was in 2008. 4-5 retreats with Paul Gilbert and Choden and with Deborah Lee A 2 year program in Denmark I have been on the compassionate mind conference 10 times Workshops of many kinds over the years. A Scandinavian supervision group with Paul once a month for several years.

I have been doing CFT supervision since 2009, and have had supervision workshop and supervision from Paul Gilbert.

Mirjam Tanner

Winterthurerstr. 23 8180 Bülach

Individuals, Online, In Person

Since 2013 training in CFT in Derby, online and at the CFT conferences Since 2024 online training in clinical CFT supervision with Wendy Wood and Paul Gilbert

• 2013: First CFT workshop with Paul Gilbert
• 2015: starting offering CFT as form of psychotherapy
• 2017: starting offering CFT Intro-workshops and trainings for therapists and C/O
• Publishing of two CFT books in German language:
– 2015: CFT; Mitgefühl im Fokus, Ernst Reinhardt Verlag, (for therapists)
– 2020: Selbstmitgefühl bei psychischen Störungen, Balance Medien Verlag (a CFT self-help book)
• 2020: Co-leading the Center for Compassion in Practice (CiP) in Bülach, Switzerland

• 2025: we start offering a CFT in-depth training over 18 months on German language.
Part is online and part is in presence. For more information go to: www.mitfuehlen.ch and
• Personal background: my CFT practice is influenced by my former psychotherapy trainings which are: psycho-dynamic psychotherapy; body-psychotherapy (George Downing); EMDR ; Egostates, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Naoko Yamafuji

10 Misago-dani, Fuchu-machi, Toyama, Japan 939-2638

Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Online, In Person

【CFT training】 CFT introduction/Paul Gilbert & James Kirby/ 2019/Tokyo, Japan CFT Advanced Clinical Skills/Paul Gilbert & James Kirby/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT Difficult Cases/Paul Gilbert/Online/@Compassionate Mind Foundation CFT for Difficult Emotions/Chris Iron/Online/2021 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for Anger/Russel Kolts/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for Trauma/Debra Lee/Online/@Compassionate Mind Foundation CFT for Parenting/James Kirby/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for people with attachment and Relational Trauma/Kate Lucre/Online/2023 Japan/as a Power Point Translator 【Supervision】 Offer Compassion Focused Supervision (compassionate, warm, empowering, and present) in a private practice setting – either online or in person in Japan. 【experience】 7-12 cases per week at psychiatry clinic and a private practice as a certified clinical psychologist in Japan. practicing CFT since 2019. Practicing psychotherapy since 2002. My specialist areas are working with adults with C-PTSD and Depression. I also practice Mindful Self-Compassion as a SCIP(Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy @Center for Mindful Self-Compassion) program graduate. Now, I am also in training of SE and AEDP.