Naoko Yamafuji

10 Misago-dani, Fuchu-machi, Toyama, Japan 939-2638


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Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan(9705)/ Certified Public Psychologist in Japan (12936)

Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Online, In Person

【CFT training】 CFT introduction/Paul Gilbert & James Kirby/ 2019/Tokyo, Japan CFT Advanced Clinical Skills/Paul Gilbert & James Kirby/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT Difficult Cases/Paul Gilbert/Online/@Compassionate Mind Foundation CFT for Difficult Emotions/Chris Iron/Online/2021 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for Anger/Russel Kolts/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for Trauma/Debra Lee/Online/@Compassionate Mind Foundation CFT for Parenting/James Kirby/Online/2022 Japan/as a Power Point Translator CFT for people with attachment and Relational Trauma/Kate Lucre/Online/2023 Japan/as a Power Point Translator 【Supervision】 Offer Compassion Focused Supervision (compassionate, warm, empowering, and present) in a private practice setting – either online or in person in Japan. 【experience】 7-12 cases per week at psychiatry clinic and a private practice as a certified clinical psychologist in Japan. practicing CFT since 2019. Practicing psychotherapy since 2002. My specialist areas are working with adults with C-PTSD and Depression. I also practice Mindful Self-Compassion as a SCIP(Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy @Center for Mindful Self-Compassion) program graduate. Now, I am also in training of SE and AEDP.

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Charlie Heriot-Maitland

Balanced Minds, 1 Hill Street, Edinburgh

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Víviam Vargas de Barros

Avenida Prefeito Geraldo Eustáquio Reis, 2640 ap 504. Rua Nova. Viçosa – Minas Gerais Brazil Postcode: 36570-406

Individuals, Groups, Online

Participated of the 3-day workshop offered by Paul Gilbert in Buenos Aires in November, 2019 Professional Training in CFT offered in a three-module course by professor Gonzalo Brito from February, 2020 to September, 2021 CMF Workshop of CFT for grief with Darcy Harris in May, 2023 Diploma in CFT offered by the Compassionate Mind Foundation (CMF) conclusion in June 2024 CMF Workshop of Clinical Supervision and Compassion Focused Therapy in April 2024 Regarding clinical experience, I have been working with CFT since the beginning of 2020 with an average of 20 weekly hours.

Dr Shelley Kerr

Bristol UK

Individuals, Groups, Online

I began learning about CFT in 2011 and started formal CFT training in 2013. I started with the introduction to CFT, went on to complete the Advanced CFT training, and then took a deep dive into studying CFT by completing the Post-Graduate Certificate in CFT at the University of Derby under the tuition of Professor Paul Gilbert, and supervision of Dr Mary Welford. I have gained much from regular supervision with Dr Chris Irons and Dr Kate Lucre, both of whom I’ve been working with for many years. I have completed so many wonderful CFT specialist workshops since I’ve lost count! Some of the CFT trainings I have completed include CFT for trauma, complex trauma/ personality disorder/ attachment trauma, groups, staff support, eating disorders, psychosis, self-criticism, the therapeutic relationship, and chairwork.