Joaquín Pastor Sirera

Carrer de la Safor, 12, València, España

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice the last 25 years, with background on CBT, mindfulness (MBCT and MSC teacher), and ACT based psychotherapy, introducing CFT perspectives in my practice and training since I met Paul Gilbert’s fantastic work in 2009.

I am part of the advisory board of the Spanish Association of Mindfulness and Compassion (AEMIND), conducting training in mindfulness based interventions for clinicians since 2010. We are interested in promoting CFT in Spain, and recently we organized some workshops conducted by Paul Gilbert in Valencia with great attendance and interest.

I have experience in mindfulness based psychotherapy with most types of psychological problems, and particular interest in deepening knowledge on CFT adressed to psychosis, OCD and related problems involving unwanted mental content and experiences.