Lerh Jian Wei


I believe that we are all equal human beings, who may be different from one another but not less. I am a believer of our inherent potential to heal in the face of suffering. However, this potential might sometimes be blocked by our mind, heart and body’s learnt responses that are no longer effective. I strongly believe that we could and should turn towards ourselves and our sufferings with compassion (understanding, sensitivity, kind intention, caring/courageous acts) to facilitate our healing and growth.

I am a clinical psychologist in Singapore. I currently provide psychotherapy for young adults to older adults of different ethnicity and/or faith with mental health and emotional issues (e.g., complex trauma, anxiety, depression, health-related issues) in a public hospital. I am very interested in the application of CFT to different conditions and issues, as well as the compassion-focused understanding of distress/life across cultures and faiths. I have also recently started to introduce CFT to Chinese-speaking clients in Singapore.

In addition, I am also trained in cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, basic dialectical behavioural therapy, and basic schema-informed therapy.

Therapist information

English and Mandarin Chinese

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Registered Psychologist with Singapore Psychological Society


Ongoing trainings, self-study and reflective practices through the following Gilbert, P. & Simos, G. (Editors) (2022). Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications. Routledge. Gilbert, P. (2009). The Compassionate Mind. London: Constable. Kolts, R. L., Bell, T., Bennett-Levy, J., & Irons, C. (2018). Experiencing compassion-focused therapy from the inside out: A self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists. Guilford Publications. Kolts, R. L. (2016). CFT made simple: A clinician's guide to practicing compassion-focused therapy. New Harbinger Publications. Seminar on Working with Fears, Blocks, and Resistance to Compassion in Clients by Paul Gilbert Seminar by From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion: Insights on Shame and the Inner Critic by Paul Gilbert Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy by The Compassionate Mind Foundation (Dr Tobyn Bell & Dr Ashleigh McLellan) Also received regular individual and peer generic supervisions.