Álvaro Ponce Antezana

Avinguda Diagonal, 440, 08037 Barcelona, España

I have worked in the field of psychotherapy and mental health for more than 20 years. Currently I work as a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and researcher in the Associació Conexus. Atenció, Formació i Investigació Psicosocials (, of which I am one of its founders, in which I develop tasks of:

– Psychotherapeutic care (individual and group) to adolescents and adults in various psychological problems (anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, obsessiveness, insecurity, poor performance at school or at work, or sleep, psychosomatic, food-related or behavioural disorders),
– Supervision of psychological care teams (case analysis and self-care),
– Research and training in national and international projects on issues of violence (gender violence, filioparental violence and other forms of family violence), parenthood (maternity and paternity) and research on gender and mental health, masculinity and health.

My intervention approach has been nourished by perspectives that allow a complex, evolutive and psychosocial vision of the human being, that take into consideration people and their life contexts, their life practices, their relationship histories and their identity and gender constructions. .
In the last 5 years I have incorporated the techniques of Mindfulness and Compassion into my professional (and personal) practice, and mainly Paul Gilbert’s Focused Therapy in Compassion (CFT) approach. What I implement in the psychotherapeutic care of my clinical practice and supervision, training and research.

Psychologist, Psychotherapist trained in CFT (Paul Gilbert)

Supervision in CFT by Gonzalo Brito

PhD in Social Psychology Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Expert in Domestic Gender Violence and other family violence and Gender and Health

Team supervisor in domestic gender violence and psychotherapeutic intervention in mental health

Sanitary General Psychologist. Col. 16268

Master in Social Cognitive Therapy (Constructivist Psychotherapy) (Universidad de Barcelona)