CFT-interested therapist

Kate Lucre

Moseley, Birmingham B13, UK

I am a Birmingham based Compassion Focused Therapist and Supervisor specialising in the use of CFT for complex trauma, personality and relational difficulties for groups and individual . I am the regional supervision coordinator for the Compassionate Mind Foundation and also run workshops for the Foundation and across the UK on CFT for Groups and Compassion Focused Staff Support and Supervision. I offer CFT supervision in groups and individually, including a monthly international  Supervision Group for therapists involved in the provision of CFT groups. I have published data on Compassion Focused Group Psychotherapy and am currently completing a PhD in CFT at Birmingham University evaluating a 12 month CFGP programme for people with severe personality disorder. I am also involved in a number of UK wide research projects developing and evaluating Compassion Focused Staff Support Initiatives.

Dr Stan Steindl

18 Thynne Road, Morningside, Queensland, Australia

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice with over 20 years of clinical experience in Brisbane, Australia. CFT forms a part of my work with a range of presenting concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress and anger, as well as trauma-related conditions and addictions. I also provide CFT supervision and training, and am the co-director of the Compassionate Mind Research Group at School of Psychology, University of Queensland.

Tobyn Bell

Manchester, United Kingdom

I am a compassion-focused therapist and part of the training executive for the Compassionate Mind Foundation. I have co-authored the forthcoming book: Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out (a self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists). I am also a CBT trainer, supervisor and programme-lead at the Greater Manchester CBT Training Centre (NHS) which is associated with Manchester University. I have published research on compassion and am completing a PhD in CFT at Derby University. I currently run a regional CFT peer supervision group and offer CFT supervision to individual therapists, as well as offering CFT in a Manchester clinic.

Charlie Heriot-Maitland

Balanced Minds, Hill Street, Edinburgh, UK

I am clinical psychologist, researcher and trainer interested in the science and application of CFT.

In my clinical work, I provide CFT therapy and supervision for Balanced Minds (London and Edinburgh practices). I also provide compassion-focused training and consultation for clinicians, teams, organisations, and for the general public.

In my academic work, I am currently developing and researching the application of CFT within NHS mental health services (University of Glasgow & NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde) and social services (Royal Borough of Greenwich).