Dennis Tirch PhD

150 East 58th Street, New York, NY, USA, 27th Floor

Dr. Dennis Tirch is a CFT therapist, supervisor and trainer, who has dedicated his career to the development, implementation, training and implementation of CFT. He has worked with Dr. Laura Silberstein Tirch, CFT founder Dr. Paul Gilbert and other leading CFT experts for many years to further a process based, contextually sensitive, compassion focused therapy. Dr. Tirch is the Founder of The Center for CFT in New York, the first clinical training center for Compassion Focused CFT in the USA, and the President of The Compassionate Mind Foundation USA. Dr. Tirch is also an Associate Clinical Professor at Icahn Medical School at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Tirch is an instructor and supervisor for the Post Graduate Certificate in CFT for the University in Derby. Dr. Tirch is the author of  6 books, and numerous chapters and peer reviewed articles on mindfulness, acceptance and compassion focused psychotherapy. Dr. Tirch is President-Elect and a Fellow of The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS), Diplomate, Fellow & Certified Consultant & Trainer for The Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and Founding Fellow and Past-President of The New York City CBT Association. Dr. Tirch is also Past President  of The New York City Chapter of ACBS, and founded the Compassion Focused SIG of ACBS, cultivating a CFT community within the CBS community. Dr. Tirch regularly conducts training workshops globally and serves as an invited speaker for many organizations, such as Columbia University, The University of New South Wales, The University of Hong Kong, The NYC-CBT Association, ABCT, ACBS, New York Univeristy, Cornell University, and the Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist monastery in Scotland. Dr. Tirch also provides online consultation groups and webinar based trainings, and has delivered these for The Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ABCT)  and The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP). Dr. Tirch and The Compassionate Mind Foundation USA host the annual Compassionate Mind Summit and Retreat in the Hudson Valley of New York. More about the Center for CFT and Dr. Tirch can be found at

Dr Chris Irons

Upper Street, London N1 2UQ, UK

I’m a clinical psychologist, academic, trainer and author specialising in CFT.  I first started working with Paul Gilbert in 1999, and have been involved in some of the research and development of CFT ideas for almost 20 years.

I am one of the directors of Balanced Minds, an organisation based in London and Edinburgh that specifically focuses on providing CFT for individuals, couples, families, the general public and organisations. We are keen to promote the CFT model as far and wide as possible, and supporting other therapists in their CFT practice.

I am the co-author of the ‘Compassionate Mind Workbook’ and ‘Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out’, along with the soon to be published ‘Compassionate Mind approach to Emotional Difficulties’

I was one of the founding members of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, and provide CFT training and supervision in the UK and internationally.

Dr Mary Welford

Denmark Road, Exeter EX1 1SE, UK

Mary is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Director of Compassion in Mind.  She is a founding member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation and was Chair of the Charity for a 4 year term.  She authored The Compassionate Mind Guide to Building Self Confidence in 2012, Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies in 2016 and is currently writing a children’s book.

Mary works across the age span.  She has clinics in Bude, Cornwall and Exeter, Devon.

Lena Højgård Isager

Østrevej 32, Aarhus, Danmark

I graduated in 1993 and have practised CFT therapy in a private setting since 2009. My main focus is to do therapy with people suffering from depression, anxiety and attachment issues due to being brought up in families with different kinds of difficulties as drug use or mental illness among parents. Prior to working in private practise I have been working in public servises aimed at alcohol related problems and in rehabilitation programs for people with brain damage. Since 2010 I have been running CFT workshops for psychologist and social workers from a broad range of servises, many dealing with drug related problems, rehabilitation after brain damage and mental illness. I do CFT supervision for individuals and groups, both in specific training settings for psychologists training to be CFT therapist and in servises for veterans, drug addicts, university students and brain damage.

Dr Kate Lucre

Moseley, Birmingham B13, UK

I am a Birmingham based Compassion Focused Therapist and Supervisor specialising in the use of CFT for complex trauma, personality and relational difficulties for groups and individual . I am the regional supervision coordinator for the Compassionate Mind Foundation and also run workshops for the Foundation and across the UK on CFT for Groups and Compassion Focused Staff Support and Supervision. I offer CFT supervision in groups and individually, including a monthly international  Supervision Group for therapists involved in the provision of CFT groups. I have published data on Compassion Focused Group Psychotherapy and have completed a PhD in CFT at Birmingham University evaluating a 12 month CFGP programme for people with severe personality disorder. I am also involved in a number of UK wide research projects developing and evaluating Compassion Focused Staff Support Initiatives.

Tobyn Bell

Manchester, United Kingdom

I am a compassion-focused therapist and part of the training executive for the Compassionate Mind Foundation. I have co-authored the forthcoming book: Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out (a self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists). I am also a CBT trainer, supervisor and programme-lead at the Greater Manchester CBT Training Centre (NHS) which is associated with Manchester University. I have published research on compassion and am completing a PhD in CFT at Derby University. I currently run a regional CFT peer supervision group and offer CFT supervision to individual therapists, as well as offering CFT in a Manchester clinic.

Charlie Heriot-Maitland

Balanced Minds, Hill Street, Edinburgh, UK

I am a clinical psychologist, researcher and trainer at Balanced Minds, UK ( For 13 years, I provided psychological therapies in the UK NHS mental health services, and now offer a private practice in Edinburgh (and online) specialising in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). I continue to provide supervision, training, and consultancy in the NHS, as well as other organisations across multiple sectors, including healthcare, social care, education, and charities.

My academic interests mainly lie in understanding and helping people’s distressing experiences associated with psychosis, and I recently spent five years investigating the application of CFT for people in NHS services who are experiencing distress in relation to psychosis (as an MRC Research Fellow at King’s College London and University of Glasgow, 2014-2019). I have a forthcoming book aimed at helping voice-hearers, called ‘Relating to voices using Compassion Focused Therapy’.
I have authored a number of research papers and book chapters, have given numerous invited talks, and have run over a hundred various compassion training workshops both nationally and internationally.