Dr Olivia Thrift

Guardian House, Borough Road, Godalming, UK

I am a Counselling Psychologist and am trained in a range of therapeutic approaches including Compassion Focused Therapy. I worked in NHS and Forensic Services for over thirteen years and specialised in working with people with complex trauma/diagnosis of personality disorder. I am also the founder of The Psychology Company which is a private psychological therapy practice offering Compassion Focused Therapy (as well as other approaches) in our clinics in Godalming and Petersfield. I also offer online compassion focused therapy and supervision outside of working hours.

I work with people aged 17 and over experiencing a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, OCD, fluctuating moods/emotional instability, trauma based difficulties, personality disorders, relationship difficulties and low self worth/shame. One thing that people with these difficulties often have in common is a tendency to criticise and judge themselves very harshly and in my experience helping people develop a compassionate mind is one of the most powerful ways of facilitating change.